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Pay-Per-Conversion Advertising.
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PropellerAds presents new technology that automates buying of display or mobile traffic on a CPA bidding via Self-Serve Platform, giving advertisers access to their target audience for the lowest possible cost.

Nobody likes saying this out loud, but there is a certain risk that your ad campaign will bring zero conversions even though you spend your entire budget on it. It’s no wonder that advertisers from all over the world prefer to work on a cost-per-acquisition or a cost-per-action (CPA) basis; they pay only when a desired action is performed.

Considering the primary benefits of this bidding model, PropellerAds introduces SmartCPA – a unique solution to enable a smooth launch and an effortless optimization of CPA campaigns.

No matter how big or small your business is, or whether you have experienced media buyers driving your advertising strategy, SmartCPA allows you to run optimized CPA campaigns and achieve true performance with less effort and a smaller budget!



What is SmartCPA?

SmartCPA is an auto-optimized performance marketing solution that focuses on driving actions along with complete control, transparency and flexibility of self-service advertising.

Who can use?

SmartCPA is available for all advertisers who are using the Self-Serve Platform from PropellerAds or running managed campaigns with the help of our talented team of professionals.

What are the benefits?

Budget optimization and cost-savings

  • Advertising solution that is available for businesses of all sizes – launching of SmartCPA campaign starts from as low as $200.
  • Advertisers pay a small fee for traffic that goes on test campaigns, but as a result get a fully optimized CPA campaign with true performance.
  • No middlemen – you get the total control over your CPA campaigns; no extra spendings of budget and time on a third-party providers.
  • All tracking is done within your account in the Self-Serve Platform; no additional services or platforms required.

Easy to launch and easy to track. You define the goal and the budget, SmartCPA will do the rest.

SmartCPA campaigns are comprised of 3 stages:

  • Creation of a New Campaign – you set your campaign’s goals and budgets.
  • Testing of the Campaign – you watch over automatic testing and optimization.
  • Taking the Campaign Live – you get a fully conversion-optimized campaign with pay-per-action bidding.

How SmartCPA Works?


Email Marketing for Small Business

Automatic test and optimization

Once you define your goals and budgets based on the campaign’s settings, the SmartCPA machine-learning system starts testing pre-selected inventory to determine the best-performing audience for your offer. Once the system achieves significant amount of conversions, the campaign switches to a CPA payout model, so you pay only when new conversions occur.

As a result of using SmartCPA solution, you get a fully optimized working CPA-based campaignwith whitelist of ad placements that brings conversions – with less effort and a smaller budget!

Whether you need app installs or quality leads, SmartCPA will help you to acquire users and take revenue-generating actions, without spending money on anything except true performance.


Ready to try? Register an Advertiser account and startوyour SmartCPA campaign in 5 minutes! Find a step-by-step guide on how to launch and manage a SmartCPA campaign here.